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Alnico Guitar Magnets

Alnico Guitar Magnets by Arnold Magnetic Technologies
Alnico 5, the most widely used grade, can usually be depended upon to deliver energy to a magnetic circuit more economically than any of the other Alnico grades. Magnetic saturation at the end-use location requires the application of a magnetizing force 4 to 5 times greater than the coercive force of the material. For Alnico 5, 3000 oersteds(240 KA/M) are recommended. Coating/plating is not normally applied because material is inherent corrosion resistant. Alnico also boasts the lowest temperature coefficient of any commercial magnet material (0.02% per degree centigrade) allowing for excellent stability over a wide temperature range. Alnico 4 and 5 - Guitar Magnets are now available in the grades and sizes listed below. Available for shipments within the USA only at this time. If you require amounts larger than shown or you reside outside of the United States, please contact us.
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