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Magnetic Pole Tester

Magnetic Pole Tester
Electronic magnetic pole testers make it easy to detect magnetic fields.
  • Electronic Magnetic Pole Tester
    Electronic Magnetic Pole Tester
    The electronic magnetic pole tester with audible beep comes in handy whenever you need to detect stray magnetic fields on packaging, perform magnetic polarity checks, test coils, or assemble electric motors. It provides an instant zero-delay magnetic pole indication and is also readable in the dark and where access is difficult.
    Price: $16.15
  • Magnetic Viewer, B-1022
    Magnetic Viewer, B-1022

    This magnetic viewer provides a fast, clean way to view magnetized patterns. The non-invasive viewer makes visible the recorded signal on magnetic tapes, discs, or cards. It requires no exterior chemicals and eliminates messy clean up of chemical preparation. These are sold as individual units each weighing about 0.5 lbs.


    (note that the Magnetic Viewers are made at Arnold's Norfolk, NE, USA plant.) 
    For international orders, contact us.


    "We've used 2 Arnold Magnetic Viewers almost every month on average from the beginning of our Company. It is a simple but very effective non-invasive gadget to select quickly and accurately a proper headblock, and an open reel player for professional reel-to-reel transfer services"

    - J.N from AudioRestauracion Labs


    Price: $114.48